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  • About Cyprus Immigration

    About Cyprus Immigration

    There are many reasons why people choose to immigrate to an overseas location and obtain second citizenship, including for travel, business or other investment purposes…

    second citizenship investment immigration

  • Second Citizenship – Factors to Consider

    Second Citizenship – Factors to Consider

    When deciding to immigrate to another country and acquire second citizenship status, it is vital that you consider all the applicable factors and immigration implications involved…

    second citizenship factors

  • Visas and Immigration Permits in Cyprus

    Visas and Immigration Permits in Cyprus

    When acquiring second citizenship and a second passport from a different jurisdiction, one of the methods is to engage in an investment immigration program…

    property economic investment immigration

  • Cypriot Citizenship. How to become a Cypriot Citizen

    Cypriot Citizenship. How to become a Cypriot Citizen

    Investment immigration is the term given to the process of investing a specified amount of capital into a country’s economy or property in return for second citizenship status and a second passport…

    investment immigration advice

Immigration Services in Cyprus

My Second Passport is designed to provide individuals with a host of reliable, up to date and useful informational resources to guide them on areas of immigration, second passport, second citizenship, residency and work visas in Cyprus. Our consultants offer comprehensive guidance throughout the entire visa and immigration application procedure, will make a detailed assessment of your profile and give you step-by-step advice.

The site offers extensive information on visas and residency permits in Cyprus, enabling you to obtain relevant and useful information with regards to the application procedures, jurisdictional rights and obligations of visa holders and legal guidance on how to use your visa in compliance with the applicable laws.

DeltaQuest consultants are experienced in assisting individuals on many areas of immigration to help you meet your citizenship, residency and passport needs successfully.

Our services

  • Consultancy on requirements and the  application procedure.
  • Review of the documents you provide and advice quoting relevant immigration rules and requirements.
  • Obtaining required documents and preparation of applications
  • Submission of your application to the authorities
  • Monitoring the status of your application reviewed by the authorities
  • Representing the  client’s interests with authorities during the application review

What you can expect from us

Free initial assessments are offered to all respective candidates. Feedback will be provided on the potential application and the eligibility of each case. Careful attention will be given to each individual case. Our team of professionals will ensure that your application is completed and submitted accurately. Our team of highly trained and dedicated professionals is committed to providing you with accurate immigration advice and outstanding service.

DeltaQuest will treat all the information you provide in the strictest confidence.

Contact EFSAG

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Why a Second Passport?

second passportHow to obtain a second passport and find out about the advantages of having a second passport or dual citizenshipeconomic citizenship

Immigration Action Plan

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