Why obtain second citizenship?

Individuals that wish to reside in a different country than their country of domicile are able to do so through engaging in an investment immigration program. That is, gaining citizenship in a country through making a monetary investment in the country’s economy or through investing in property.

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Implications of obtaining second citizenship

Second citizenship provides individuals with the right to reside and work in the two countries that they hold a citizenship status from. Second citizenship enables an individual to take advantage of various benefits that the country offers to its citizens, these include the following;

  • Welfare benefits
  • Medical allowances
  • Second passport
  • High standard of living
  • Second citizenship status from an EU country permits visa free travel between all 27 EU member states
  • Overseas visa free travel to other countries that have international travel agreements  with your country of second citizenship
  • Ability to bring family and dependents to the country
  • Educational rights and benefits
  • Legal rights

The above are some of the advantages of obtaining second citizenship in a jurisdiction outside your country of domicile. Each jurisdiction has specific requirements that citizenship-seeking individuals are required to fulfill in order to successfully attain citizenship of that country.

The process of acquiring second citizenship is quite complex and lengthy thus it is advised to seek the assistance of a professional consultancy firm in order to attain citizenship in compliance with the jurisdictional regulations. Through the expert advice and guidance of experienced consultants, individuals are able to ensure that they complete the citizenship procedure in a professional and timely manner.