Typical Fraudulent Second Passport Programs

There are a number of fraudulent second passport programs offered online as well as offline, therefore it is imperative that individuals research and obtain their second passport from a legitimate source. The consequences of a fraudulent passport program can be detrimental, in terms of both financial and emotional harm.

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Common Fraudulent Second Passport Programs

The high price and complex procedure of obtaining a second passport has lead to a number of scams and fraudulent programs which provide individuals with “too good to be true” offers. Unsuspecting individuals from across the globe invest substantial sums of money in these schemes to obtain a second passport but to no avail.

The majority of second passport scam companies disguise themselves as legitimate entities, thus becoming difficult to spot and avoid. To ensure you do not fall victim to an illegal second passport scam, it is advised to enlist the services of a professional consultancy firm to help you find an appropriate second passport program.

The following is a brief outline of four main types of fraudulent second passport programs:

Semi Official Passport

  • Issued to individuals who already have a residency permit
  • Have paid a substantial sum of money underhandedly to a government authoritative body
  • Targets individuals who do not want to wait for a long time

Shadow Passport

  • Generally operated by corrupt government and immigration officials
  • Most popular in Central America, particularly in Belize

Camouflage Passport

  • Most difficult scam to spot as it is very similar to actual passport programs
  • Tend to operate by issuing second passports from countries that do not exist anymore or that have changed their names, rendering the passport void
  • Most popular in the following countries: British Honduras, Rhodesia, New Granada, New Hebrides, Eastern Samoa and Dutch Guiana

African Passport

  • Most common type of scam that targets those who are unable to afford a second passport
  • Offer cheaper and easier process for obtaining second passport