Why Obtain Dual Citizenship?

Individuals who hold citizenship of two different jurisdictions are categorized as dual citizenship holders. There are a number of methods of obtaining second citizenship in a country other than your country of domicile such as investment immigration. The process of acquiring the citizenship is largely dependent on the jurisdiction you choose to relocate to.

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Advantages of Dual Citizenship

Individuals who have the nationality of more than one country are known as dual citizenship holders. A number of individuals obtain second citizenship in order to take advantage of the various benefits offered by the jurisdiction.

These are the general advantages of holding citizenship in two different countries. The following is a brief outline of the advantages of dual citizenship:

  • Freedom of travel to all countries that have agreements in place with your newly adopted country of citizenship
  • Availing welfare benefits offered to citizens of the country including unemployment and medical benefits of the country
  • Being able to invest in real estate and property in both countries
  • Gaining full time employment in your chosen country of citizenship without restrictions.
  • The option to educate your children in one of the two countries of citizenship
  • Option to reside in the country of second citizenship or country of domicile

The process of obtaining second citizenship is often complex and lengthy as each jurisdiction has its specific requirements that must be fulfilled. To acquire a second passport and citizenship in a different country, it is advised to seek the assistance of a professional consultancy firm in order to complete the process in line with the jurisdictional regulations.