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Advantages of Property Investment

There are a number of methods to obtain second citizenship in another country, one of them being the method of property investment. This procedure enables individuals to invest into pre-approved property in return for full citizenship rights in that particular country. There are two main methods of obtaining…

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Documents required for Investment Immigration

Investment immigration is one of the methods of obtaining second citizenship and a second passport from a different jurisdiction. Each jurisdiction implements a specific set of requirements and criteria that must be satisfied in order to successfully immigrate to that location…

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Implications of Immigration

Individuals who wish to immigrate to a different country are advised to carefully consider the various implications of the actual move. It is imperative to consider the dynamics of moving to a location that enforce different laws of immigration as well as employment. There are a number of things that need to be…

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Assistance with immigration documents

Individuals who wish to relocate abroad must complete the necessary application procedure and file it with the immigration authority of the country they wish to reside in. The process of completing the application and obtaining the necessary immigration documents is often complex and lengthy…

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