Cayman Islands Permanent Residency

Cayman Islands permanent residency can be achieved through engaging in the country’s investment immigration program. The applicant is required to make a substantial monetary investment in a licensed employment generating business in the Cayman Islands, and on approval of the investment, the applicant will receive a Certificate of Direct Investment (CDI). The process of obtaining Cayman Islands permanent residency can be relatively complex and it is therefore recommended to seek the advice and guidance of a professional consultancy company.

DeltaQuest offers expert advice and guidance on obtaining Cayman Islands permanent residency. To learn more please Contact Us.

Alternatively, if you are ready to proceed with obtaining the Cayman Islands certificate of direct investment (CDI), please complete our Second Passport and Citizenship Application Form.

The Cayman Islands Investment Program

The Cayman Islands offers foreign nationals the opportunity to obtain permanent residency status for a period of 25 years (renewable thereafter), through investing CI$2.4 million (US$2.86m approx.) into a licensed and employment generating business in the Cayman Islands. The investor is required to have a personal net worth of at least CI$6 million (US$7.15m approx). By investing the required sum of money into a business, the applicant has the right to reside with his family in the Cayman Islands, and to work in the invested business, for 25 years.

It should be noted that in order to maintain a Certificate of Direct Investment, the employment generating business invested in, must employ a workforce of which at least 50% are Caymanian employees.

Advantages of obtaining Cayman Islands citizenship:

  • 25 years permanent residency given to the applicant and his family
  • The applicant can work in the business invested in without the need to obtain a separate work permit
  • Eliminates the hassle of having to apply for a work permit every year
  • Ability to buy property here

Obtain Cayman Islands Residency with DeltaQuest

DeltaQuest can assist you with every stage of obtaining your Cayman Islands Certificate of Direct Investment. We will advise you with regards to all the necessary steps to take in order to meet your investment immigration objectives. The process will involve submitting a completed application form with due diligence to the Chief Immigration Officer. The application will be reviewed, and on approval – the Certificate of Direct Investment will be issued to the applicant.

Jurisdictional rights: Our experienced consultants can guide you on your rights, obligations and restrictions with regards to obtaining Cayman Islands residency through investment immigration.

Guidance on investments: We will advise you on how to obtain the Certificate of Direct Investment by investing into a suitable licensed business, which will meet your overall needs in accordance with your financial limitations.

Assistance with administering documentation: We offer support, guidance and administration services in relation to administering and filing the necessary documentation to the relevant immigration authority.

Legal compliance: We offer comprehensive support and legal advice with the complete investment immigration process. We will assist with the filing of initial applications, to informing applicants on how to invest in accordance with laws and regulations of that country. We can also guide individuals on how to maintain their citizenship status in compliance with the necessary immigration rules.