Haiti Citizenship

HAITI CITIZENSHIP: Citizenship laws are based upon the Constitution of Haiti.

  • BY BIRTH: Birth within the Republic of Haiti does not automatically confer citizenship.
  • BY DESCENT: Child, at least one of whose parents is a native-born citizen of Haiti, regardless of the child’s country of birth. Child born abroad must be registered at the nearest Haitian consulate or embassy for the citizenship to be recognized.
  • BY NATURALIZATION: Haitian citizenship may be acquired upon fulfillment of the following condition: Person has resided within Haiti for a continuous period of five years.


Exception: Child, born abroad to Haitian parents, who acquires the citizenship of the country ofbirth.  This dual citizenship is allowed until the child reaches the age of majority (18).  Uponreaching 18, one of the nationalities must be renounced.

HAITI LOSS OF CITIZENSHIP: Citizenship involuntarily lost may not be regained.

  • VOLUNTARY: Voluntary renunciation of citizenship must take place in the country, before the Justice Department, Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
  • INVOLUNTARY: The following are grounds for involuntary loss of Haitian citizenship:
  • Person voluntarily acquires foreign citizenship.
  • Person holds a political post in the service of a foreign government.
  • Naturalized Haitian citizen maintains continuous residence abroad without authorization by Haitian authority.

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