Zambia Citizenship

ZAMBIA CITIZENSHIP: Citizenship law is set by the Constitution.  (UKC-Commonwealth Nation)

  • BY BIRTH: Child born within the territory of Zambia shall be considered a citizen of Zambia. However, upon reaching the age of 21, the person must apply to the Citizenship Board for the confirmation of citizenship.
  • BY DESCENT: Child, one parent being Zambian, regardless of the child’s country of birth.
  • REGISTRATION: The following may apply to the Citizenship Board to be registered as citizens of Zambia: Any person who has been residing in Zambia for a continuous period of not less than 10 years preceding application and who has attained the age of 21.
  • BY NATURALIZATION: Parliament may grant citizenship to individuals who are not eligible to become citizens under registration guidelines.


  • Child born abroad to Zambian parents, who obtains citizenship of country of birth. Dual citizenship is recognized until the age of 22. Upon reaching the age of maturity, the person must choose one nationality or lose Zambian citizenship.
  • Child of foreign parents, who is born in Zambia, acquires parental and Zambian citizenships. This dual citizenship is recognized until age 21 when person must register with Citizenship Board if the person chooses to become a Zambian citizen. Upon confirmation of Zambian citizenship, person has three months to renounce the second citizenship (of parents). Dual citizenship will continue to be recognized until age 22.
  • Zambian spouse, who acquires a foreign citizenship through marriage, is allowed dual nationality for 3 months. Within the 3-month period, they should have renounced their foreign citizenship, taken an oath of allegiance, and registered their intention concerning residence.
  • Person seeking Zambian citizenship, who is not able to renounce their previous citizenship, need not make such a renunciation and can hold two nationalities. However, the person may be required to make a declaration concerning their previous citizenship and Zambian loyalty.
  • LOSS OF CITIZENSHIP: Zambia’s Constitution provides that no person shall be deprived of their citizenship if it would leave them stateless.
  • VOLUNTARY: To voluntarily renounce citizenship, a letter should be sent to the consular office of the nearest Zambian embassy. The embassy will forward the renunciation to the Minister of Home Affairs where the renunciation will be registered and published in the Gazette. Once published, citizenship is lost. INVOLUNTARY: The following is grounds for involuntary loss of Zambian citizenship: Person voluntarily acquires foreign citizenship, other than through marriage.

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