Cypriot Citizenship - How to become a Cypriot Citizen


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Key Advantages of Cypriot Citizenship

  • You and your family can freely travel, reside and work within the EU
  • Your spouse, children and parents can easily obtain Cypriot citizenship
  • You can purchase property in any EU country and invest in any activity of choice

Obtaining a Cypriot Passport

  • Citizenship by investing
  • Naturalization
  • Marriage to a Cypriot citizen

Citizenship by Investing – Fast Track Option to a Second Passport

The government of Cyprus has implemented a new immigrant investment program for entrepreneurs and investors who would like to invest in Cyprus and in return obtain Cypriot citizenship. The Investment Citizenship Program is based on a fast-track procedure with reduced time and bureaucracy.

In September 2016 the Cyprus Council of Ministers has approved amendments to the Scheme for Naturalization, that designed to attract foreign Direct Investment and encourage the use of Cyprus by High Net Worth Individuals.

Criteria for exceptional naturalization to foreigners:

1. Real Estate, Land Development, and Infrastructure Projects
An investment of a minimum value of €2 million in the purchase or construction of real estate, land development projects (residential or commercial), infrastructure projects or Investments in building plots or land which can be developed.
2. Purchase, Creation, or Participation in Cypriot Businesses or Companies
An investment of a minimum value of €2 million in the purchase, creation, or participation in businesses or companies that are based and operating in Cyprus. These businesses or companies should evidently have a tangible presence in Cyprus and employ at least five (5) Cypriot citizens. The mandatory conversion of deposits into shares is included in this criterion.
3. Investments in Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) or financial assets of Cypriot businesses or organizations licensed by CYSEC
An investment of at least €2,0 million into units in AIFs, bonds, debentures, other securities, registered and issued in the Republic of Cyprus, in companies or organizations with substantial economic activity in Cyprus which are regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.
4. Combination of investments
The applicant may combine eligible investments provided that the total investment is at least €2,0 million. The combination of investments may include up to €500,000 of Cyprus Government bonds from the primary market.

Citizenship by Naturalization

You may qualify for naturalization if:
  • You have been a permanent resident in Cyprus for 7 consecutive years.
  • You have been a permanent resident in Cyprus for 5 consecutive years and you are child/parent of Cypriot citizen.

Citizenship by Marriage

The foreign spouse of Cypriot citizen, who has resided legally in Cyprus, can claim Cypriot citizenship after completing 3 years of marriage.

Preparing your Cyprus Citizenship Application

It is vital that you correctly fill in the necessary application forms and submit all relevant documentation to the appropriate immigration authority in order to be considered for investment immigration. The application forms and other due diligence can be complex to complete and difficult to obtain without professional guidance. We can assist you with the entire application procedure including obtaining and administering application forms and providing reliable information with sample documents of other required due diligence the applicant may need.

Find your ideal immigration solution with the help of our team of experts and get personalized advice based on your specific needs.

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