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Temporary and Permanent Residency

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Investment immigration by definition is where an individual invests a specific amount of money into the country they wish to gain permanent residency status in. The investment generally has to be made into a pre-approved project of the country the applicant seeks residency in. Normally the investment must be solely for the benefit of the country’s economy; however each jurisdiction establishes different requirements to satisfy in order to qualify for permanent residency.

Why Immigrate to Poland?

Poland is a member of the European Union and is considered a prominent location for foreigners to reside in due to its central geographical location within Europe. Although Poland’s average income rate is lower in comparison to other EU member states, the country adopts a much lower rate of living costs to complement this. Poland further offers a high standard of education that is free to all Poland residents.

Type of Permits Applicable

In order for a foreign national to settle in Poland they must first obtain a temporary residence permit. For the applicant to obtain this type of permit they must be able to provide evidence that they intend to stay in Poland for a period of longer than 3 months for the purpose of employment, education or family reasons.

Temporary Resident Permits:

  • Temporary resident permits are normally valid for a maximum period of 3 years
  • Temporary resident permits will only be renewed if the applicant still meets the requirements
  • The application for a temporary residence permit must be submitted to the relevant government authority in person before expiry of legal stay
  • • The application process can take up to 2 months not including suspension periods or delays
Poland offers the following types of temporary residence permits:
  • Residence and Work
  • EU Blue Card
  • Residence with Family
  • Education
  • Business activity
  • Work of an assigned employee

All applications for the temporary residence permit will require standard basic documentation including: a valid passport copy, copies of the application form, recent passport photos and confirmation of health insurance coverage. Additional documents may be required depending on the chosen temporary residence permit.

Long-Term EU Residence Permit

  • A Long-term EU residence permit is evidence of your legal right to reside in Poland
  • In order to be eligible, applicant will need to have resided in Poland for 5 consecutive years, have maintained a stable and regular source of income and have accommodation in Poland
  • The residence permit is valid for 5 years and renewed every 5 years
  • This particular permit allows the holder to travel freely to other Schengen countries
  • Holder will be allowed to work in Poland only
  • The application process can take up to 3 months not including suspension periods or delays

All applications for the Long-term EU residence permit will require standard basic documentation including: copies of the application form, copies of a valid travel document, recent passport photos, confirmation of accommodation (e.g. rental agreement), proof of 5 year residency and confirmation of health insurance.