Temporary Residence Permit

Residency Permit Services

DeltaQuest offers comprehensive consultancy on how to obtain a temporary or permanent residency permit in Cyprus, in a timely, professional, and cost effective manner. The purpose for your move and the length of time you wish to reside there will ultimately decide the type of residency permit you need to obtain.  Due to the complex procedure involved in obtaining a residency permit it is highly advised that a professional consultancy firm assist you on a step by step basis. Our specialist consultants are experienced in advising individuals and their family members on how to obtain the required residency permit in Cyprus.

If you come to Cyprus as a visitor for reasons other than immigration, e.g. as a tourist, for visiting family or for business purposes, you are normally allowed to stay for a maximum of 3 months and you can apply for short-stay or travel visa. A short-stay visa may be issued for one or several entries. If several visits to Cyprus are required (e.g. business trips)  it is possible to obtain a multiple-entry visa. The multiple-entry visa may be valid for one year, and in exceptional cases, for more than a year.


Cyprus is the first EU member state, which provided the opportunity for Russian and Ukrainian citizens to get a free-of-charge online Pro-Visa.  A Pro – Visa is valid for a single-entry trip, for a maximum duration of 90 days within a 6-month period. The Pro-Visa Application can be downloaded and filled in on official websites of Embassies of The Republic of Cyprus in Moscow and Ukraine. Personal presence at the consulate or provision of booking hotel confirmation is not required.

Temporary Residence Permit in Cyprus

If you plan to stay in Cyprus over 90 days, you will need the temporary residence permit. The Temporary Residence Permit allows you to stay in Cyprus for the period of 1 year and move freely across the border. The pink slip will be automatically cancelled if you are absent from Cyprus for 3 consecutive months.

Visitor Visa for:

  • Non-EU nationals family members of Cypriot citizens (spouses, children, parents-in-law);
  • Non-EU nationals real estate owners in Cyprus;
  • Non-EU nationals who applied for an extension of visitor visa

Employment Visa for:

  • Non-EU nationals who want to work in Cyprus, such as domestic assistants, employees of companies of foreign interests and international companies, performing/creative artists
  • Non-EU nationals who are married with a Cypriot national and working in Cyprus (Residence Permit-Employment-Married with Cypriot)

Student Visa for:

  • Foreign students from Non-EU countries

How to Obtain a Residency Permit with DeltaQuest

DeltaQuest can advise on the necessary requirements and obligations expected from you in order to acquire your residency permit.

Administering documentation – We are fully equipped to assist you in obtaining the necessary application forms, and we will support you in completing and submitting them to the required immigration authority.

Legal compliance – Once you have obtained your residency permit, we can provide information on your rights, restrictions and obligations that are necessary for you to maintain your residency permit. We will offer advice and guidance to ensure you use your residency permit in compliance with the immigration laws and regulations applicable to you.

To find how DeltaQuest can assist you in finding the Temporary Residence Permit services you require, please Contact Us for expert assistance and guidance.