Work Permit in Cyprus

DeltaQuest offers comprehensive consultancy on how to obtain a Work Permit in Cyprus, in a timely, professional, and cost effective manner. Due to the complex procedure involved in obtaining a Work Permit it is highly advised that a professional consultancy firm assist you on a step by step basis. Our specialist consultants are experienced in advising individuals and their family members on how to obtain the required employment visa.

Work Permit in Cyprus for EU Citizens

Who can Work?

Nationals from EU member states can work in Cyprus without restrictions. As an EU citizen you will need a residency permit if you intend to stay longer than three months and work in Cyprus. For such residence permit you must apply to the Civil Registry & Migration Department.

EU nationals working in Cyprus have the same rights as Cypriot nationals with regards to pay, working conditions, access to housing, vocational training, social security and trade union membership.

What will you need?

1. Apply for an Alien Registration Certificate (ARC) and Residence Permit.

2. Apply for a social insurance number upon securing employment in Cyprus.

Work Permit in Cyprus for Non-EU Citizens

If  you are non-EU citizen and moving to Cyprus for employment, you should obtain an Immigration Permit (temporary work and residence permit) on the basis of one of the categories referred below. The Immigration Permit is usually valid for one year and can be renewed by submitting the required documents two months before the permit’s expiration date.

 Who can Work?

Employment by Eligible Cyprus Companies:

  • Executive Directors
  • Middle-management, Executives and Key Personnel
  • Supporting Staff

Self employed:

Category A: Self employed individuals who intend to work in Agriculture, cattle briefing, bird breeding or fish culture.

Category B: Self employed individuals who intend to work in mining enterprises.

Category C: Self employed individuals who intend to work in a trade profession.

Category D: Self employed individuals who intend to work science.

Category E: Self employed individuals who have been offered permanent employment in Cyprus, which will not create undue local competition.

Obtaining a Work Permit with DeltaQuest

DeltaQuest can advise on the necessary requirements and obligations expected from you in order to acquire your Employment Visa.

Administering documentation – We are fully equipped to assist you in obtaining the necessary application forms, and we will support you in completing and submitting them to the required immigration authority.

Legal compliance – Once you have obtained your Work Permit, we can provide information on your rights, restrictions and obligations that are necessary for you to maintain your permit. We will offer advice and guidance to ensure you use your employment visa in compliance with the immigration laws and regulations applicable to you.

We will guide you through the steps you need to take for obtaining your Work Permit in Cyprus. Whether you are looking for information on any of our services, please feel free to contact us. Our staff are always happy to answer your questions.