Abu Dhabi Work Visa Requirements

A work visa by definition is where an individual acquires authorization for the right to engage in full time employment in a country where they would not normally be eligible to work in. The authorization must come from the relevant authority in the country he/she intends to work in. A typical work visa will be in the form of a standard document or a stamp in your passport. It must be noted that depending on the country you seek employment and residency in; some individuals are not required to obtain a work visa. Generally all jurisdictions with reciprocal treaty agreements do not stipulate that an individual must obtain a work visa for undertaking employment in those countries. Generally each jurisdiction will lay down conditions which need to be satisfied in order to be approved a work visa.

Who requires an Abu Dhabi Work Visa?

All applicants who are nationals of a Gulf Cooperation Country (GCC) such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman are not legally required to obtain a work visa to engage in full time Abu Dhabi employment. If you have GCC citizenship you have the right to reside in Abu Dhabi for an indefinite period of time. For all other applicants from countries out with the GCC status, you will require a work permit and residency visa in order to reside and seek employment in Abu Dhabi. It must be noted that if you have an Israeli stamp on your passport, regardless of your nationality, you will be denied entry to Abu Dhabi.

Relevant documents required to apply for an Abu Dhabi Visa:

  • Copy of valid passport
  • 2 x passport photos
  • Completed application form signed by the relevant sponsor of the applicant
  • Copy of the trade license from your sponsor company
  • A letter from the sponsor company stating the take responsibility for you during your residence in Abu Dhabi.
  • Documentations of your educational and professional qualifications
  • Marriage and birth certificates of your spouse and dependants accompanying you to Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Temporary Work Visa

An Abu Dhabi temporary work visa is required by all foreign nationals intending to either work or do business in the UAE. This Visa is the initial visa obtained by the applicant prior to obtaining the ‘work residence visa’ or ‘employment visa’. This initial work visa is only valid for a maximum period of 60 days; therefore the work residence visa must be applied for immediately after the applicant relocates to Abu Dhabi for his employment contract.

Types of Abu Dhabi Work Visas:

  1. Visa for Servants
  2. Visa for Partners
  3. Visa for Investors
  4. Visa for persons undertaking Government work within Abu Dhabi Governmental Institutions and Ministries.

Abu Dhabi Work Residence Visa (also known as an Employment Visa)

This visa is a legal requirement where the applicant wishes to reside in the UAE for employment purposes for a long period of time. The immigration department of the UAE has the responsibility of approving and issuing all employment visas. It is the responsibility of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in the UAE who issues the applicants work visa. The validity of this ‘long term’ visa is for a maximum period of 3 years.

Requirements to satisfy to obtain an Abu Dhabi Residence/Employment Visa

  • You must under go relevant medical examinations and subsequently obtain a health card
  • It should ne noted that if you have Aids you will not be granted entry to Abu Dhabi
  • If you wish to include your spouse and dependants in your relocation to Abu Dhabi you must earn a minimum of Dhs 4,000 per month to prove that you can support their living expenses
  • Investors can invest a minimum of Dhs 70,000 into an Abu Dhabi local company to acquire a work residency permit

Restrictions of an Abu Dhabi Work Residence Visa

It is prohibited for the holder of a work visa in Abu Dhabi to undertake work with any other employer other than his original sponsor company. There is a fine imposed on the applicant of Dhs 10,000 if he/she is found to be working for another company.